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We are currently touring this beautiful country of ours. I hope you enjoy the photo's and information on the many wonderful places we visit as I blog them to you.

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Great books to read. HORSE HUMOUR! Straight from the Horses Mouth! Lots of giggles here as the horse tells the story!
This is my current book release.  It's a humorous look at the interactions between novice riders and horses; as told from the horses viewpoint.

Full of giggles and smiles.  At least the horse thinks it funny!!

Check it out for yourself it's on Amazon.It's available in paperback or kindle.

Below is the cover photo I used for the book, such a cheeky pony.

Please leave feedback after you read it.  It's composed of 12 chapters. Each on a different topic.

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