Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Great Places To Visit - Tumby Bay South Australia.

Nestled on the S.A. coast about 50kms from Port Lincoln S.A., is the little town of Tumby Bay.  It's a quaint little fishing village. Lovely beaches, Top Tourist Caravan Park (very comfortable), assorted shops including a delicious Bakery. People here are friendly, the weather has been great and it's very relaxing.

We are staying in our caravan at the Tumby Bay Top Tourist Park, right on the beach. It about a 1 1/2km walk from here to the shopping centre.  We take our bags and head off each morning straight to the bakery for fresh supplies. Each day we reward ourselves for the long walk (Ha!) and buy a sweet for morning tea, then walk home via the Foodland, butcher, chemist, post office, hardware store or whatever shop we need to stop at. There is a bit of sea weed about at the moment, but it's not here all the time....we just got lucky! Doesn't bother me though. Still clear areas you can swim in.

It's a great way to start the day. Later on we head over to the beach for another walk or perhaps a swim. Peaceful, clean, pretty. What more could you want?? If you do want more shops, then slot in a visit to Port Lincoln which is a major town and has everything you could need. Only 50kms down the road. Too easy.

I'm thinking we will be back here again in the future.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Port Lincoln S.A. Beautiful sunsets, delicious seafood, great coastline walks.

It's hard not to like Port Lincoln in South Australia. After all it's said to be the seafood capital of Australia, so if like us you like a bit of fresh fish, prawns, scallops, oysters or crayfish, you can find plenty of it here and more. Every cafe, restaurant, or pub you go into for a meal is guaranteed to have some seafood on the menu. Delicious!

So far we have enjoyed a variety of fish cooked a variety of ways as well as prawns, calamari and scallops & oysters kilpatrick.  We were keen to try the crayfish also, but when we saw the price (AUS$150/kg) we decided we would stick to prawns!!! Crayfish are very popular and expensive I suppose because 95% of crays are exported to Asia!!! Anyway as we had crayfish for Christmas at our nephews (he shouted) we decided that would do us!

The Esplanade is lovely here. Beach front, then grass beneath tall pine trees, then the main street and shops! What's not to like. Oh and the pier on the Esplanade has a designated swimming area in the deeper part, so you can swim without the sharks! Tourist places here do offer swimming with the sharks for the adventurous, but that's not me!

We were planning on staying 3 nights but have made it 6 nights. Enjoying the mild weather (about 23C) and cool nights (about 15C). People are friendly and the Caravan Park is a short drive or a 4km walk from the main shops.  Nice park, good amenities, clean, tidy and lots of shade and grass. Also a pier here for the fishing folk and a small beach for those who want to paddle or swim.  Lovely walks in either direction along the coast from the Caravan Park.

We went up to the look out today and enjoyed the views over town and the ocean. Very pretty spot. Will mark this one as somewhere to come back to again.

Went back to the lookout to see the sunset (behind us) and watch the colours in the sky and the light in town. Gorgeous!!

On the Esplanade looking out to sea.

On the pier. The swimming pool is the rectangle on the side.

Moody skies on our walk today, but beautiful. Didn't rain either.

Lovely coastal walks for kilometers.
Beautiful sunsets over the caravan park.

Sunset skies

Sunset from Port Lincoln Top Tourist Park where we are staying.

The lights reflected in our car bonnet.
Dusk over Port Lincoln
Gorgeous clouds and colour. No enhancements, as photographed.

View over town and ocean & ski  from the lookout.
Beautiful clouds

The last glimpses of colour in the sky over Port Lincoln

Beautiful sunset from Winters Lookout.

 Gorgeous colours in the sky. No enhancements, as photographed.
Dusk at Port Lincoln.

The Pier at night

The Esplanade from the Pier.

Red lights under the trees along the Esplanade.

Great Places To Visit - Tumby Bay South Australia.

Nestled on the S.A. coast about 50kms from Port Lincoln S.A., is the little town of Tumby Bay.  It's a quaint little fishing village. Lo...