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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Bitcoin - Is it for you? What is it? How To Earn Passive Income.Making your Money Work for you-Compounding Interest.

So this is Bitcoin explained in simple terms for you:

Digital Currency
Bitcoin is 4x more valuable than GOLD
Get paid per business DAY (.75-1.25% daily) Yes I'm serious.
earn 40% in 140 Days - What bank offers that?
FREE Sign up
80 to start (AUS)
Fully automated system
You can spend it in many places
Withdraw from ATM as cash
BPAY your bills

 **Anyone can do this IT'S SO EASY!
pop your money in and leave it, you literally don't have to do anything more
Popular due to decentralised system, not owned by banks and governments
predicted to rise to $10,000 per coin by 2018 (Ops, it's already done that! Nov 2017)
Value has increase over 400% this year
Approved by Australian Government in July 2017

Sounds too good to be true? Maybe. But we've been doing this through USITech (you will need our link to start with us, so ask for it) and have it set to auto re-buy. So our compounding interest adds up until it reaches pack value, and then buys another pack for us. It just keeps multiplying.......The original pack expires after 140 business days by which time you have a lot more packs thanks to your auto re-buy.  I decided that I would risk $80AUS to see how this thing works. I could afford that. Guess what? It's working!

Some of my friends laughed at me, but I'm still getting paid each business day,
Some people told me it was a ponzi scheme, but I'm still getting  paid each business day,
some people said it was too good to be true, but I'm still getting paid each business day,
And some people got excited like us and were prepared to risk a small amount of money, and we are all getting paid each business day.

All you have to lose, is what you invest. Just $80AUS is all you need to purchase 1 pack and watch it grow from there.  So a little in, and watch the compounding work for you. You don't have to sponsor anyone, just watch the compounding, or if you find that after a while you can think of people who would like to make their money work for them also, then talk to them about how you got started. It's that easy!

USITECH is the company we purchase packs through for just $85Aus each. They then trade these and offer us 1% interest for each business day for 140 business days. That's compounding interest. That's your money working for you. Try asking your bank for that type of interest rate! I couldn't find that kind of interest anywhere. Risky? I hear you say. Well of course, its medium risk, better than the stock market at high risk. So put a bit of spare cash in and watch it compound. What have you got to lose? Ask me how to get started. I'll send you our link and information on what to do. 

Still skeptical?  That's ok, I'm still getting to join me?

If you are curious or have any questions, then contact me for further information. If you want in, contact me for the links so we will be connected and I'll show you how to set yourself up for some passive income.

My email address is on my blog. What are you afraid of? 


Thursday, October 19, 2017

Great Places To Visit-Fraser Range Station WA.

We recently crossed the Nullabor from East to West and stopped at Fraser Range Station for 2 nights for a breather. It's only 3kms off the main road, on a well graded dirt road (we don't have a 4 x 4 caravan) and is peaceful, beautiful, with good amenities that are cleaned daily.  We liked it so much we ended up staying 5 nights.

They offer a main meal each evening which varies in price depending on the menu. The caravan park is excellent with plenty of shade and they are adding to it and doing up the old shearing shed to be another amenities block and office. They also have unpowered sites, and camping sites. Very well set out. They are developing more sites for the future.

Fraser Range Station is a MUST stop for a good look at an Australian Working Station that has diversified. They have an assortment of walking tracks well sign posted which allow you to see different sections of Australian Bush and animals. We went on a couple of the tracks available and saw, kangaroos, lizards, wallabies, emu's, a variety of birds, a python or two (not poisonous), goats, sheep and I can't remember what else! They have a little golf course also which is part of the Nullabor Plains Course.

Staff are friendly and welcoming and very hospitable. We purchased tickets each day for the evening meal and thoroughly enjoyed it! You get sweets as well in the price! They have an assortment of drinks on sale at regular prices. We had a stubby of beer, which was served icy cold.....just how beer should be! The food was good and the company great. They had tables set and you just sit anywhere with your fellow campers. Good camaraderie all around. Lovely way to end a day getting to know fellow travellers whilst enjoying a cold drink and a lovely meal.

A very enjoyable break. We will be staying there again, and can only highly recommend it.

Traded for a camel!

The entry drive way.

A local getting a drink.

The watering hole! Meals to.


The garden.

Camp Kitchen and Nullabar - meals and drinks!

The Office.

The Caravan park Amenities Block.

The fire pit for fun on cold nights.

Busy bee.

Lovely shade and views from caravan powered sites

To the golf course, or for a walk.


Thursday, October 5, 2017

Great Places To Visit- Wilmington S.A. - Mt. Remarkable - Flinders Rangers.

Just spent a week in the Beautiful Valley Caravan Park. Old park, but very clean, plenty of hot water and very peaceful.  Like country people's attitude to life. The have "resident lawn mowers." They are a small mob of friendly sheep and a creamy miniature mare called Snowy. Adorable! The kids of all ages love them. Really enjoyed our stay here at it truly is a beautiful valley. Our stay included a drive up to Hancocks Lookout, which is a must by the way. Also we went for a walk along one of the bush tracks. About 5kms through the bush, over rocky creek beds etc. Gorgeous scenery.

The area was originally named Beautiful Valley, as was the township of Wilmington, but the named was changed to Wilmington due to confusion with a local property by the same name. So the town is Wilmington, the local Cafe and Caravan Park are Beautiful Valley...

They have a great service station/grocery store/hardware store, come everything store at Wilmington also. The prices are reasonably for everything. We shopped there for diesel, food, groceries, and odds and ends. Staff are typical of country, friendly and welcoming.

The weather was great also. 20-30C every day. Spring time.

This area is filled with history. Lots of old ruins to see. I love old buildings. Something about them. Anyway, here are some pics from our stay in Wilmington and our tripping about the local area.

We also enjoyed bush walking/trekking around the Mt. Remarkable area. LOTS of different trails to tackle depending on your fitness level. We chose easier tracks to moderate. That was PLENTY challenging enough for us.  Paths are easier to see and well signed at the beginning. I took a photo of the map of the area before we left the car park....just in case!
Had no problems, really enjoyed our walk. When we got back to the car park, we pulled out our fold up chairs and sat in the shade and enjoyed our picnic we had bought with us. We deserved it! The cup of tea was especially welcome!

Canyon Walk

Creek Bed Walk

Original National Bank - Wilmington

Beautiful Valley Caravan Park - Wilmington

"Snowy" the lawn mower.

Tenacious trees!

Reflections in rock pool

Look up!

Canyon Walk

Dry Creek Bed Walk

Where the water flows, it grows.

Beautiful canyon walls

Gum growing against/into rock wall.

Bush walking near Mt. Remarkable.

Old ruins  

The Stables

Old Shearing Shed

Click go the shears boys.

Mt. Remarkable. 

Dry Creek Bed near Melrose.

Needing a drink.
Beautiful Red Gum
Melrose Memorial Lookout
Melrose Memorial Lookout  

Moving the mob.