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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Great Places To Visit - Fremantle WA - Australia

Spending a few weeks in beautiful historic Fremantle WA.  Lovely spot.  Lots of history. Very friendly people. Free buses (called Cats) which travel in 2 different loops (blue cat and red cat) in the area. Great to hop on and off to check out different locations/tourist spots,etc.  We are staying at a B and B, separate self contained unit only 10minutes walk from the Fremantle markets.  Great locations. Nice unit. There is a Fremantle cat bus stop out front! So convenient. Jump on and off to the beach or the markets, or the malls, the post office, the railway station etc, etc. It literally takes you anywhere of interest in it's long loop but it's only 15 minutes to do a full circuit.

Enjoying the beautiful weather Freo has turned on for us. Highly recommend a visit to this fascinating part of Australia. The beaches here are fantastic!!!! Plenty of restaurants to pick from and all we have tried so far have been good.

Benny's Bar and Cafe had to be good....our son's name is Ben! LOL And it was good food and good coffee. As I was there for brunch it was a bit early in the day for me to try out the bar.

On the weekend we went for a short drive on the coast to Mandurah. Great spot! Lots to see and do.  Highly recommend a visit here. It's only about 45minutes drive from Fremantle.

This is the kitchen/dining area of our cute little B and  B unit.

Bathers Beach Huts

Benny's Bar & Cafe


Free "Cat" bus stop No 2

Sunset on the marina

Morning tea at Mandurah

Bathers Beach Fremantle at Sunset

Bathers Beach at Sunset

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Great Places To Visit - Birrarung marr Night Noodle Markets - Melbourne - Australia


Friday night. What to do for something different for date night? Ok. So maybe a train trip into the city. Get off at Flinders Street station and walk across the road to Birrarung marr. Take a leisurely walk along the Yarra and check out the Noodle Markets. We're early, so no crowds yet. Had a look about and then we decided we rather sit at one of the pub/restaurants on the river, enjoy an ale and some tapas. It's Melbourne right? We have multiple choices. So we wandered back from the Noodle Markets, left those to the rest of Melbourne and went to Pilgrams, found an indoor seat (the outdoor ones were already full) facing the gorgeous brick archway, made ourselves comfortable, and our waitress magically appeared with menus and took our drinks order while we were deciding what to eat.  Sat back in our comfy soft chairs we managed to snaffle, sipped on our icy cold Carlton Draught and watched the city, the people, and the Yarra in front of us.   Nice way to spend an evening.  We shared the food, ordered some desserts, pot of tea, relaxed, chatted and watched the world go by. Our waitress was delightfully cheerful and attentive.
We left her a nice tip for her beautiful smile and "no problems" attitude. We need to encourage this type of thing after all.

Anyway, if you want a nice night out in Melbourne, especially now the weather is lovely outside, then use the train system if it's handy to you, and then you can enjoy a drink or two and some walking, which is good for you.  We enjoyed our leisurely night out, wandered through Southgate after dinner, over the foot bridge again and back to Flinders Street Station and home by train.

Melbourne truly is a very livable and beautiful cosmopolitan city.

Birrarung mar Noodle markets before the crowd.

Cooking before the night markets.

People starting to arrive.

Step up and order.

City backdrop

Birrarung mar walk

Yarra River

Pilgram.  Inside looking out. 

Cold Carlton Draught Beer

Federation Square from Birrarung mar.

Melbourne Skyline

Looking at the city from Birrarung mar

Dining out on the Yarra.

City Tram.

Eureka Tower 

Kinky Boots at the Theatre.

Melbourne skyline.



Christmas is just around the corner.

Admiring the view.

Street Art

Street Theatre