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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kerry & Christian Hanna Wedding 27.12.12

Kerry and Christian shared their wedding vows on 27th December 2012 at the CQ Lanai Bar in Queen St, Melbourne followed immediately by their reception at the venue. Great idea guys, no standing around for guests between items.

 As they are not religious or superstitious they dressed and did their photos before the wedding. We all (wedding party and photographer) travelled together in their limo to the  chosen photo locations and then with 45 minutes to spare arrived at the venue and went to our rooms (accommodation pre-booked) and freshened up. Then simply went to the Lanai Bar where the bridal party descended the staircase to their waiting guests and the ceremony began. Beautiful wedding, great food, and would have been a perfect evening except for one small detail. The poor bride became ill mid-way through the evening, fortunately after all ceremonies, speeches, cake cutting etc. Luckily they were staying the night and had a room upstairs. The rest of us partied on whilst poor Kerry missed out. Fortunately she did make it through the day and most of her wedding reception. Hope the pics help you feel better.