Thursday, February 20, 2014

Great Places To Visit - Sydney, N.S.W., Australia

Four days in beautiful Sydney, staying on the North side at Milsons Point. How can I describe it to you?.......Magic!  Just up the street from "the old coat hanger" (the bridge), we could just see the Grand Opera House peeking around the corner at us from our 14th floor room at the Vibe hotel. Nice stay, comfy, and nice food, pleasant staff. We ate in our room a couple of nights and down at the bar another night. Friendly staff, nice food. Anyway, we had a good time playing tourist.

In Sydney you can get a "day ticket" for public transport (at least at the time of writing this you could) which was about $28 each. We hopped on a ferry and took a ride to Darling Harbour and back past Milsons Point to Circular Quay, where we hopped on another ferry to Manly - just 'cause we could. It was a lovely day, calm water, warm, really enjoyed the ferry rides. The water was calm so the ride was smooth.

We also went to Luna Park - yes Sydney has a Luna Park. It was literally just down the street from us, right next to the bridge. Felt like a kid again looking (note: looking not riding on) the rides. Enjoyed watching the more adventurous types go on the rides and I took pictures with my iphone. That's my style, feet firmly on the ground, no wizzing around in the air for me, not likely, unless it's a plane!

Anyway we had a great time, caught the train (supper easy, it's practically at the front door of the Vibe), and went "into town" for a vegan dinner (the things we suffer for family - we're not vegan), with my brother and his wife. The restaurant was near Saint Mary's Cathedral, so wasn't too hard to find. The food was actually ok, although I think Bernie would have preferred a steak with chips and salad! Still we can put it down to experience, and it was actually very tasty.

Enough waffling on, here are the photos to let you see what a lovely city Sydney is, we look forward to more trips there in the future. Do yourself a favour and put it on you "must visit" list.
The "old coat hanger", Sydney Harbor Bridge.

Entry to Lunar Park. Milsons Point

Us and others riding the ferry from Darling Harbor.

Lovely old ferries. City centre in the background.

Sydney. City Centre.

Circular Quay

Top of the bridge.

Grand old Opera House!

Pylon. Oysters will grow anywhere.


Crossing the heads.

Returning to Circular Quay

View at night from our room. Onramp to the bridge.

Lovely view. Opera House peeking from the top right.

Next morning. A bit wet.

Incoming tourist dollars!

View over Kirribilly at sunrise.

St Marys

Poking a bit of fun at myself!

Sunrise from our room.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

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