Thursday, December 17, 2015

Good Read - A Pony Called Handy - Revised- Sneek Peek at the new cover and contents.

Well the manuscript has just come back from my editor. So I have a bit of work to do. Unfortunately my publisher (guy who puts it on Amazon for me) is beyond busy and even if I could get it to him in the next couple of days, he can't get it done by Christmas. (sigh) Such is life.

So no sulking, instead I will give you a sneek peak of the new you beaut cover that I will be using.  Let me know what you think of it.

This is just the photo I purchased, naturally the writing etc has to done yet. I think he's cute. Should look good once we get the title etc completed. Another job my publisher does for me. I'm not very good with the computer other than typing. Will have to get to and learn some more stuff.  Like how to work with graphics so I can do the cover myself perhaps......or not. I do prefer to write and look for others to fill in the dots.

Anyway this cute little guy is my "Handy" for the revised book.

It is quiet different from the first one (thankfully), and hopefully you will like it more.  I have made it much longer and cut out some of the extra characters that were unnecessary.  I've even changed the names of some of the characters to be more appealing in general to people.  The story line is similar but more expanded, therefore more intriguing.

In short:

Anna has always wanted a pony, since she could talk. Like Anna, her friends are horse mad and all want ponies. They have been riding for some years on borrowed ponies and are good riders. Anna's 10th birthday is coming up and her parents have a surprise present for her. Will it be the much longed for pony? How will her friends react if she is the first one of them to get her very own pony? Will they be jealous? What happens at the birthday party that causes Anna to be concerned for one of her friends?

Of course Anna does get her much longed for pony and adores him. Then the fun begins! Anna has to deal with conflicting emotions among herself ,her friends and her mother.

Her mother is not so sure this pony is right for Anna. She wanted an older, more stable pony for her first one. Handy is gentle and sweet, but young and inexperienced. Her mum is worried about all this.

Then one day as her mum looks out the kitchen window to the horse paddock what she sees terrifies her and sends her calling for Anna's dad as she races to the paddock.
What has happened between Anna and Handy?  Will they be alright?  What will be the long term effects from what has happened on this day?

Stay tuned for the release of the book in January 2016.

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