Friday, November 13, 2015

Great Recipe: Tomato Chutney, Spicy Tomato Chutney, Spicy Tomato Sauce. Simple Easy Recipe

I've seriously been craving some home made tomato chutney lately. So got cracking and made myself some.  I like a bit of zing so spiced up mum's recipe a little.  Very happy with the results.

Bubbling away.

Jarred and ready to eat!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Great Storm to Watch - Over Tocumwal N.S.W. Australia - Mini Tornado

A mini Tornado struck Strathmerton on the weekend of October 31/10/15 destroying a couple of houses. Luckily no one was hurt. Just a bit further along the Murray River at Tocumwal the Tornado ended. We happened to be home and live near the edge of town, close to the river.  We saw the sky turn pink, grey and green. Ominous. Can't remember a stormy grey sky turning pink or especially green before. Made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Then we heard this roar.  Bernie looked at me as we stood on our back verandah watching the clouds flying about and said "What's that noise?" I replied, "Wind. Lots of it. I think we should go inside now." As I said this we saw the sky along the river turn green and pink and the trees begin to whip wildly. We retreated inside for a bit and as the roar died away we ventured back out to the front verandah as torrential rain began to fall. And boy did it rain!!! The early afternoon turned dark as the clouds above turned charcoal and dumped their load on us. Our water tank was full in minutes and overflowing like a waterfall.  The rain literally poured off the roof and it was difficult to see the houses across the street. Lasted for about 20minutes and then settled into steady rain for a good while after.

When we saw the news on TV that night we realized what we had seen was the tail end (we think) of the Strathy tornado. Certainly was amazing to see. I've never see clouds swirling and moving that fast and in so many directions. The colours were amazing as well as alarming. The deep greys with pink and then a luminous green which we think was the tornado. Hard to say.  We got a kick out of seeing it and were glad there was no damage in our area. Equally pleased that although there was damage at Strathy, no one was hurt.

Tornadoes are not the normal thing around here, but weather patterns are certainly changing. This is not the first time now that a tornado has gone through this area, but they are not common, and hopefully won't become so.
Green skies around a pink/grey"funnel".

Boiling sky

Boiling sky slightly to the west of us.

Clouds above our house

Boiling above our house

Brewing trouble!

Ominous sky.

Next door's TV antenna.

And then came the rain!

Sunset after the storm

Sunset above our roof after the storm.

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