Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Great Places to Visit - Black Miniature Poodle playing in the mud & sand.

Last time we visited Tocumwal on the Murray River, it was very low and a new sand bank has been exposed along our walking track. My miniature poodle Lily was very keen to  "have a look at it", so being the spoiled brat that she is...I let her.
The sand was coated with mud having been the bottom of the river for so long, so it stuck to her belly and legs and then the sand stuck to that. Before long she had dreadlocks! So funny. She couldn't work it out, kept looking at her tummy and legs and in the end, gave up and just enjoyed running around and around in it.
I simply gave her legs a quick hose down when we got home, then allowed her to dry off and brushed the rest out....no more dreadlocks! One very happy and tired 10 month old puppy. Ate well and slept well that night.
I took a small video of her as well, if you want to see that it's on my Facebook page.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Recipe: Steamed Pork & Chicken Gow Gees.

Cindy's Steamed Chicken & Pork Gow Gees.

4 packets of Gow Gee wrappers.( Most supermarkets stock these)
500gms of pork mince
500gms of chicken mince
1 red onion
1 carrot
1 bunch fresh Corriander
4 cloves garlic ( or 1 heaped teaspoon diced jar garlic)
1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger. ( or jar ginger)
Approx. 1/2 teaspoon pepper.
Approx. 1 teaspoon sugar.
3 tablespoons fish sauce ( I use Squid Brand).


 ( I have a Thermomix so use that to chop everything and steam the Gow Gees).

Finely grate onion & carrot. Finely chop corriander, garlic & ginger. Put them into a large mixing bowl and add pork & chicken mince and seasonings. Mix well.
Open 1 pkt of gow gee wrappers at a time, so they don't dry out.

Take 1 wrapper and place a small teaspoon of mixture in centre. Press edges together well until they stick, put on baking paper on a plate repeat, opening another gow gee wrapper pack when needed.

Place Gow Gees into a steamer and cook approx. 10-15minutes until transparent and soft looking, don't overlap them or they will stick together. You will have to do a number of batches. Don't overcook them or they will start to split or fall apart when you try to pick them up. They should be just transparent enough to see the mixture and starting to wrinkle a bit.

If you are going to freeze them (and you will have a lot from this recipe) they keep really well.  Place them onto baking paper sheets until they cool, making sure they don't touch each other or they will stick together. Once cold I put them into batches for 2 people in zip lock bags so I can just take out what I need.

They are great as an entree, just steam for a few minutes until hot through, or microwave if you want. Serve them with Soy Sauce.  

They are also lovely in a chicken broth - home made Won Ton Soup.

This mixture can also be used to make spring rolls. Just replace the Gow Gee Wrappers with Spring Roll wrappers and deep fry them until pale golden brown (Just cooked if freezing them). They freeze well then and to re-heat them, place them frozen onto an oven tray and heat at 180C for about 15-20mins until deep golden brown. Don't thaw them first or they go soggy and break up.

If you want to eat your spring rolls from fresh, cook them until they are golden brown and serve with Soy Sauce or Vietnamese Dipping Sauce.
Gow Gees ready to steam.

Gow Gee mixture.

Gow Gee Wrappers

Gow Gees in steamer - ready to take out - cooked.

Small teaspoon of mixture into wrapper.

Pinching sides together.

Hot Gow Gees with Soy Sauce - YUMMY!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Great Places To Visit - Melbourne City Sights.

My 14 year old nephew from Wagga Wagga is staying with us for part of the school holidays so he and I headed off into the city today to "see some of the sites". The ones that interested him.

We started of with a train trip into Flinders Street Station then a walk to Hosier Lane (his first choice) then went across the road to Federation Square. We went and saw the "Hollywood Costume" exhibition, which was very interesting (no photos allowed though) then, wandered throughout the ACMI Gallery had some lunch, after which we strolled along the Yarra to Birrarung Marr and the Federation Bells. Whilst admiring the many different sizes of the bells, they began to chime, bonus!

Walked back to Flinders Street Station and trained it home. Pointing out the MCG on the way home. Perhaps the Museum tomorrow, or one of the zoos, or Chinatown, or a relaxing day at home watching movies; will let him decide. Anyway we had a lovely day out and topped it off when we got home by taking Lily (my miniature poodle) for a nice long walk and play in a local dog park. So everyone was happy and hungry for dinner!

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