Sunday, April 28, 2013

Rhubarb, Apple, Pecan, Almond & Coconut Cobbler

This is an easy and very delicious recipe,that can be adapted to use an assortment of stewed fruits. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Nissan Datsun Nationals 2013 - Cowes- Philip Island

Whilst enjoying the coastal views at Kilcunda we decided to drop over to Philip Island and have a little "drive around". We headed towards Cowes, more precisely the bakery for a hot cross bun and a coffee. Parked the car, enjoyed our hot cross buns and then wandered down the street towards the foreshore. There was a decent crowd wandering in that direction and as we rounded the corner, we could see why. There were cares lined up on both sides of the road, all shiny and chromed. Plenty of spectators with their heads under the uplifted bonnets and lots of chit chat about cars that went completely over my head. I know nothing about what's under the hood, other than to check the water and oil, and I know where the petrol goes and how to change a tire. That's about it. Anyway, a notice on one car windscreen window read: 2013 Nissan Datsun Nationals. So therefore the cars were Datsun's, I suppose. Anyway they all looked good, so we wandered up and down and pretended to know what we were looking at under "the hood", and enjoyed it just the same.

Great Places to Visit- Kilcunda - Victoria - Australia

Well, just arrived back home yesterday from a lovely Easter break at Kilcunda. If your unaware of this little treasure, its on the coast after you go past the Philip Island turn off.  Look it up sometime, there's a caravan park and a motel for accommodation, and a pub and General Store for coffee, drinks, and food. I recommend the pub for meals, very good. We stayed with 16 friends from the Ivanhoe Photographic Society at the Kilcunda Motel. Right next to the pub, so very convenient for evening get-to-gethers. We had a great time exploring the wild coast line at "Killy", and ventured down to Inverloch, Philip Island etc as these are all easy driving distance from Kilcunda. Here are some of my favourite pics from our Easter break. Hope you all enjoyed a safe and Happy Easter as we did.

Great Places To Visit - Doncaster East, Melbourne, Mullum Mullum Walking Track

Just because I'm currently in the city for awhile doesn't mean I have to "miss out" on my daily bush walks. Nearby to us i...