Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Great Places To Visit - Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia

The Sydney Opera House. What can I say? A marvel of architecture. Try gob smacking up close and personal. I was fascinated by it. Loved being able to "touch" it and walk around it, and just watch people admiring this amazing structure.
It has been a long time since we have been to Sydney and actually gone done to the Opera House, walked around and then sat at a cafe having some lunch and just admired it and the bridge. Could have sat there for hours. It's just so stunningly beautiful!

Peek a Boo at the Bridge.

Great Places To Visit - Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney N.S.W; Australia.

We as promised no waffle in this post, just the photos I took of the Harbour Bridge mostly from our room at The Sydney Boulevard Hotel over the period of our stay. The weather was overcast on the day we walked down to the bridge as you can see from the early photos. I kind of like it though, something different from the usual blue sky pics. The sun was still about which made it glarey at times, but I like the "moodyness" of it. People are always so fascinating to me as well, so many cultures, different ways of dressing and when you listen, so many lovely sounding languages.



Lunar Park under the bridge


Moody sunrise. Love the clouds.

"The Old Coat Hanger".

Great Places To Visit - Sydney (CBD), N.S.W; Australia

Hubby and I recently spent four  lovely nights in beautiful Sydney. We stayed at The Sydney Boulevard Hotel, 90 William Street, Sydney. Highly recommend it for a stay. Polite, courteous staff, central walking location to all the important sites: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Botanical Gardens CBD shopping, Finger Wharf Restaurants etc. It's about a 20 minute cab ride from the Airport if you fly in as we did. We just caught a cab which cost us around $45.00 at time of writing (July 2014), from then on we walked everywhere.

We indulged ourselves and booked a lovely room on the 24th Floor (for the views of course!), and you will see from some of the photos that it had breathtakingly beautiful views of Sydney onto the lovely harbour. Worth every cent. We were able to get the room at a discounted rate by shopping around online and not booking directly through the hotel.

The Boulevard Hotel as it is called has a very good little "cafe" in the foyer which serves a small variety of very good food and great coffee. There is a restaurant in the hotel as well. Our room tariff included a continental breakfast which can be upgraded to full breakfast on the days when you are really hungry!

St. Mary's Cathedral is also worth a visit. Beautiful architecture and at night it is lite up on the outside and looks stunning.

If you are a Vegan or just want to try a vegan meal for a change (we did as my brother is vegan and we wanted to have dinner with him), then we can highly recommend The Bodhi Restaruant, which is located near St. Marys Cathedral, so it's easy to find. We are not vegan, but really enjoyed trying something different. The food was beautifully served and tasted delicious.......much to the surprise of our meat loving palate!

Woolloomooloo Wharf is an easy 10min walk from the hotel and has a small selection of very nice restaurants. We decided to go there on our last night and we had the most tender delicious eye fillet steaks with grilled prawns, winter roasted vegetables and green beans with toasted almonds!!!!! So good, so good, so good!!!! Yes it was a little expensive although we didn't think it was too bad considering your right on the water and it has amazing views back towards the city, bridge etc. It cost us around the $130 for the two of us for one alcohol drink each and the meal, plus herb bread.  We will do it again on another visit for one night.

If you want good food at a more reasonable price then it's just a stone's throw from the hotel. I can't remember the name of the street but we literally walked straight out the front of the hotel, crossed over at the lights  (with our back to the hotel)and walked down to the next street and turned right, wella!! Italian, Chinese, Thai, pub meals just to name a few.

We had Thai one night and Italian another night, reasonable prices, and great food.  It was lovely to enjoy the "street culture" of the area to as there were tables and chairs out the front of some of the places, especially the Italian restaurants and it was like being in Italy, with the older Italian gentlemen sitting at the tables drinking their espresso's and talking in Italian with hands waving about as only the Italian people can.  Loved it, felt like Italy, so charming.

Enough chatter, the photo's say it all. I've divided our stay into 3 blogs so be sure to check out the Harbour Bridge and Opera House blogs to, not so much chatter on them as I've done it here. Just photos of the topic. Enjoy!

Government House

Back of Government House

Hyde Park


Woolloomooloo Wharf




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