Friday, August 8, 2014

Great Places to Visit - City or Country.

Sometimes it's hard to tell whether you are in the city (Melbourne) or the country (Tocumwal). Bet you can't tell which is which in these photos.  Some are of Darebin Creek in Ivanhoe, Melbourne, Victoria.  And some are of The Murray River at Tocumwal N.S.W.  Both places Miss Lily and I like to go walking.  We live in the city, but have a holiday house in the country, across the road from my parents, so we can visit them when we are having an "escape" from the city.  Love trees, creeks, rivers, winter short nature.  Without nature, I couldn't stay in the city, it would drive me crazy with it's
traffice, noise, rush and tear, concrete jungle, but the beautiful park lands we have in Melbourne save my sanity.

Lilies favourite sign!

Great Places To Visit - Doncaster East, Melbourne, Mullum Mullum Walking Track

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