Monday, November 24, 2014

Recipe - Asian Red Rice & Vegetables.

Healthy, yummy, delicious, nutritious, what more can I say?  Dreamt up this for my lunch today. Felt like some rice and veges with a difference, so here is what i dreamt up.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Great Reading: A Pony Called Handy.

The first in a series of short stories for children who love horses.  This is the story about 8 year old Anna who receives a pony for her eighth birthday. 
The cover has just come back from the illustrators/design team and I'm very happy with it.
Won't be long now and the book will be up and available at Amazon.
Keep your eyes glued to this page for the release!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Great Places To Visit - St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

We took a little stroll around St. Kilda today, just because we could. Haven't been in St. Kilda for a while, had forgotton how diverse it is and how interesting. So many Cafe's etc to dine at, great variety of foods on offer. So we stopped and had some lunch.  Then right next to the main street, Lunar Park.  We came across a bride and groom having their photos taken at Lunar Park, novel idea. Then a drive through Port Melbourne and the city, back to home.  Nice way to spend a couple of hours.

The good thing about Lunar Park is that entry is free.  You then buy tickets for the rides, if you want to, or you can just do as we did and take a look around.

Port Melbourne had the Tassie Ferry in port as well as a cruise ship.

Then we drove through the city, past Eureka Tower, over the Yarra River, and headed for home.  Nice drive.

Great Places To Visit - Doncaster East, Melbourne, Mullum Mullum Walking Track

Just because I'm currently in the city for awhile doesn't mean I have to "miss out" on my daily bush walks. Nearby to us i...