Friday, April 1, 2016

Great Craft Ideas. - iphone6s home sewn cover. Quilted iphone cover.

I just recently purchased an iphone6s.  Yes I brought a "cover" to protect the phone when I drop it, and yes I had them put on a screen protector.  But,  well,  I just thought that if I made a nice "pouch" for it on my sewing machine it would stop the screen saver thingy from getting scratched.  Perhaps a bit fussy? Maybe.  But anyway I decided that as I have lots of scrap fabrics as I'm a quilter, then I could use some scraps to make a "pouch" for my phone. Now when it's rattling around in my handbag with my car keys etc, it won't get marked so easily and will be easier to find.  Plus it looks pretty!

Naturally you can make one of these for any size phone, simply use your phone as a template to get your measurements.

So here's what I did:-

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