Monday, July 1, 2013

Great Places To Visit - Melbourne City Sights.

My 14 year old nephew from Wagga Wagga is staying with us for part of the school holidays so he and I headed off into the city today to "see some of the sites". The ones that interested him.

We started of with a train trip into Flinders Street Station then a walk to Hosier Lane (his first choice) then went across the road to Federation Square. We went and saw the "Hollywood Costume" exhibition, which was very interesting (no photos allowed though) then, wandered throughout the ACMI Gallery had some lunch, after which we strolled along the Yarra to Birrarung Marr and the Federation Bells. Whilst admiring the many different sizes of the bells, they began to chime, bonus!

Walked back to Flinders Street Station and trained it home. Pointing out the MCG on the way home. Perhaps the Museum tomorrow, or one of the zoos, or Chinatown, or a relaxing day at home watching movies; will let him decide. Anyway we had a lovely day out and topped it off when we got home by taking Lily (my miniature poodle) for a nice long walk and play in a local dog park. So everyone was happy and hungry for dinner!

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