Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Great Reading - Crime, Conspiracy, Action - "Mortal Insight" by E.B. James


Mortal Insight

A brilliant novel. Draws you in, then keeps you in suspense. It brings you conspiracy, crime, action and asks the question: When your life is at stake, are some truths worth bringing out into the open?

Detective Sergeant Steve Keller has begun to see things.

He desperately hopes the visions mean something and not that he's going crazy.

But the visions don't go away, and when they start meaning something more, Steve finds himself caught in an investigation way bigger than he ever imagined.

As the pieces begin to fit together, something dangerous emerges. He can't hide what he knows, but to expose it doesn't just stir up controversy, it provokes someone who lurks in the shadows; someone who will kill to keep this information quiet.

Great reading, didn't want to put it down when I first began to read it. When I picked it up the second time, well, I couldn't put it down until I finished it at 2.00am in the morning!!! Worth the lack of sleep.

E.B.James is the pen name of Meredith Resce. Meredith has written many books, but this is her first crime, thriller, so hence she chose to write under a different name for the different genre. This book is available through Word Bookstore.


or go to Meredith's Author page :  http://www.meredithresce.com/

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy.

Great Reading.

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