Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Joel & Amanda Valentine Wedding

Congratulation to Joel Valentine and Amanda Horn who "tied the knot" on Friday 10th December 2010.
Photos are in random order.
Joel & Amanda

A truly beautiful wedding was held at St.Columbs, Hawthorn, which ended with the bride and groom and attendants dancing down the isle out into the beautiful sunshine to begin their lives together. Ahhhhhh, it was something special to see. A great time was had by all, at the following reception  at Gum Gully Farm in Silvan South. A very romantic setting with mud brick and timber building. An enormous feast was put on for the wedding party and their guests. Books, old books to be precise were the "theme" of the wedding, with the bride and groom, hand picking a book for every guest at their reception. These were placed upon the mantle piece with a tag attached with the guests name on it. Each guest had to find their book and take it home with them as a memento of this wonderful celebration. Each table had a book placed upon it instead of the tradition table number, guests where listed under the books name. Very original, and very special. The room was decorated with flowers, rows of antique (and new) doilies sewn together with pink satin ribbon, books, and bric a brac from yesteryear. Ahhhhhh yes, truly romantic. Little tea light candles adorned the tables aluminating the centre piece book for you to see to find your table allocation. Beautiful food, spit roasted meats, roast veges, cauliflower in cheese sauce, steamed veges, and salads. A feast fit for a king ..........and his queen. Everyone stuffed themselves to bursting point, the atmosphere was lively, laughter and good cheer abounded. What a night to remember!!! Thanks Joel and Amanda Valentine for a most memorable night. Best wedding I've been to in years.

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