Thursday, May 26, 2011

Theo Kable's 80th Birthday

On Sunday 22nd May 2011, there was a massive "gathering of the Kable Clan" to celebrate the eldest members 80th birthday. Theo Kable celebrated his 80th on his birth date Sunday 22nd May with approximately 70 family members covering 4 generations and friends.  The event was an afternoon tea party with plenty of refreshments both food and drink. A barrister was also on hand to make any type of hot drink that was required. Theo's grandson Ben tendered the bar with his girlfriend Megan for those whose wanted something cooler to drink. Friends Trevor and Paula Tobias ran the kitchen and kept the sausage rolls, party pies, sandwiches, various slices, chocolate eclairs etc, etc, etc, flowing until we couldn't eat any more.

Theo's youngest sister Gail Burlock and her daughter Tanya made the HUGH and VERY DELICIOUS birthday cake, which was enjoyed by everyone.

Family travellled from near and far to celebrate this milestone with Theo. His brother Dennis came from far north Qld, other nieces and nephews travelled from beautiful Tawonga South, and some of us were lucky enough to live in Melbourne and not have so far to come. Theo and Lesley came down from Tocumwal on the Mighty Murray River to Melbourne for Theo's party as Melbourne was the most central point for most people to travel to. As I live in Melbourne, they stayed with us. My brother Glen and his wife Karen flew down from Sydney, and his other grandson Darren flew down from Wagga Wagga. So whilst family is spread far and wide they all made a tremendous effort to come together in Melbourne to help Theo celebrate his 80th milestone.

Many thanks to Trevor and Paula, Ben and Megan for their tireless efforts on the day that ensured everything ran smoothly, and a special thanks to my husband Bernie for his fail safe organisational skills that helped to put the event together and made sure it went off without a hitch.

It was a wonderful "gathering of the Clan", that we all enjoyed and will chat about for some time. Thanks to everyone for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come together to celebrate Theo's 80th. Stubby holders with a photo of Theo in his first Barber Shop in Tocumwal and another recent photo of Theo and Lesley were distributed to everyone as a souvenir of the day.

Whilst staying in Melbourne Theo and Lesley also travelled out to the cemetery where his mother and grandmother are buried to pay their respects. Theo and Lesley also had dinner on the Saturday night with members of Lesley's family who had travelled down to Melbourne for his birthday.  A hugh weekend, that was filled with family and memories.

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