Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Fortis Masquerade Eyeball 2011 supporting The Warwick Foundation

WOW! Where to start. I was privileged to be the Official (pro-bono) Photographers at this wonderful fund raiser held at The Palladium Ballroom at Crown Casino, Melbourne on Saturday 4th June 2011. My fellow photographer Lisa Law Photography and myself teamed up to capture this charity fund raiser which this year was supporting The Warwick Foundation. In case you are not aware The Warwick Foundation supports young Australian Adults battling cancer. Cancer is a topic that is close to my own heart, having unfortunately numerous family and friends who have had to battle with this terrible disease, some are survivors......some are not. It is very traumatic for they and their families and friends to have to watch them battle this unforgiving illness.

So Saturday night saw many like minded business people and their family and friends gather to this wonderful charity event to bid at silent auctions, open auctions, pledge funds, pay for a 3 course dinner and entertainment in order to raise funds for this wonderful organisation, The Warwick Foundation.  I liked the slogan that one of the supporting groups quoted from Albert Einstein: " It is every man's obligation to put back into the world at least the equivalent of what he takes out of it".

This quote was taken very seriously judging by the many generous donations and serious bidding that I witnessed on Saturday night. Everyone appeared to be in a very "open wallet" frame of mind, and also enjoyed the food and entertainment. There were many "partners" who came together on this night to give of themselves and their companies, time, commitment, skills, knowledge, etc, too many to mention each one here. Suffice to say, it appeared to be a big success for The Warwick Foundation. I have included in this blog just a snapshot of the evening, some of the guests who attended, some of the items auctioned, and some of the entertainment which included Clifford Qwah and Jessica Mauboy.

Ally Beadman  The Warwick Foundation Member shared her story with us all as well as video footage etc. Everyone was very attentative and took in every word Ally shared with us. A truely touching story.

I know I had a wonderful evening,and I believe everyone else enjoyed themselves also.

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