Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Switzerland - Luzern - And Mt. Pilatus

Love, love, loved Switzerland! Sooooo beautiful and we were lucky with the weather, it was warm and only a little rain on one day out of the five that we stayed in Luzern. Lake Luzern is lovely and the Swiss are so organised and tourist orientated. Lovely clean gravel pathways with seats and bins everywhere along the lake shore with lighting! So you could stroll around the lake at your leisure, sit when the feet get weary, eat some take away and put your rubbish in a bin that was never far away. Tourist bliss! Did the touristy thing, cruise on the lake, cog wheel train up to Mt.Pilatus, walked along the tracks taking pictures, found out there was a motel up there and it was no dearer than staying in not! We booked a night up there with dinner and breakfast included. Well did we get a SNOWED that night after a lovely sunny few days, so we were able to get pictures of sunshine and snow in one trip!! Very beautiful.

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