Wednesday, November 23, 2011

United Kingdom - London

London was the last leg of our European Vacation before heading home via 2 nights in Hong Kong. London was unusually warm for our 4 days there. The locals were complaining (as was the weatherman on the news) that it was a heatwave. Yes, well, 27C is a heat wave in London I suppose.....not in Australia. So we were perfectly comfortable, and highly amused. Again the hop on, hop off, buses were a god send. Fantastic idea whoever invented them. An easy way to get to see all the major sites of an area with commentary to boot. You can get 1 day, 2 day tickets etc, depending on your needs. We made the most of them. TIP: if you are wanting to take pics from the bus, sit up the top, approximately 1/2 way back. That's the best spot for picture taking.
We decided on my hubby's birthday to drop in for afternoon tea and scones with the Queen. Unfortunately she wasn't home, so we toured The Mews, The Palace, and The Queens Gallery instead. Then we had scones and tea (how very English of us) with all the other tourists. A fantastic day out. Highly recommend it. Bye the way if the Queen had been at home, there would have been no tours! Good job she was out! Thanks Your Majesty, we loved your place, and you have the best garden (80 acres) I've ever seen! A highlight of our trip.
Big Ben was awesome, and we just HAD to go on the London Eye. We choose to go at night and enjoy the lights of London. B_E_A_utiful!! Seriously enjoyed old London town.

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