Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Venice - city of water and glass

Whilst Venice was not the "romantic" city we were expecting, it was however very different. To walk the streets with no traffic, traffic lights, etc was most unusual and very nice. To move from place to place required a water taxi or similar, again unusual and very enjoyable. Venice has many endearing features not least of which (from a woman's viewpoint) are the many Venetian Glass Shops selling jewellery, light fittings, decorations, and much more made from Venetian Glass. Truly beautiful and astounding as to how it is done. HINT: look for the little shops out of the main area.....there cheaper. Needless to say the assorted women in my life are now wearing Venetian Glass jewellery! I enjoyed Venice!! My husband is not so sure how he feels!! He had to pay the bill!

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