Monday, May 21, 2012

Hobart - Tasmania

We recently enjoyed our frequent flyer points and flew to Tassie, Hobart to be precise for the weekend. Thanks to some last minute deals on The Old Woolstore's webpage we also picked up a one bedroom apartment for the weekend for about 1/2 price. Nice!
When in Hobart it goes without saying that you MUST go and browse your way through the market on Saturday. It's open early and until about 4.00pm. I would have been in DEEP trouble with the relatives if I hadn't stopped by a particular stall "Harvest Feast", as my cousin's son runs it with friends and associates. Naturally we dropped in and admired all the organic locally grown/produced goodies for sale. YUMMY! Harvest Feast is also on Facebook people, so look it up if you want to know about them. When in Hobart go to the market (they are there every Saturday market all year round) and sample some of their wares, you won't be disappointed. Do go early or else you may miss out as it is VERY popular with locals.
We had a lovely leisurely day, brought some silk scarves and enjoyed the local hospitality. On Sunday we had another casual day and caught up with the "rellies" for a drink and a bite to eat for dinner. Great way to finish off the weekend, they were great company and we enjoyed the local seafood which was so fresh and tasty!
Nice way to relax and unwind, recommend it to anyone, especially when you can do it cheap, as we did.

Autumn Colors in Hobart

Stall holder, selling hats, coats...warm things.

Metal creatures.

Market day

Bright and quirky bags

Autumn tones


Browsers at the market

View from our 1 bed apartment in The Woolstore.

One of The Woolstore buildings.

Autumn in a Hobart park.

Harvest Feast stall

Harvest Feast relative in blue.

Harvest Feast Yummies!

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