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Monday, May 7, 2012

A Pony Named Blue

For about 15 years  or so, I had the pleasure of knowing you Blue. You were a kind and gentle pony to "old girls" like me, who no longer rode, but liked to "sit" on a horse occasionally. You were most obliging. For countless youngsters and the not so young who wanted to learn how to ride and respect a horse, you taught them everything you could. With those who were rough, you responded in like manner until they realized the error of their ways. For those who were timid or afraid, you were patient and gently. For those you knew well. you offered your rump to be scratched, or your face to be rubbed. A gentle yet cunning old girl, you were the teacher of many. You brought many smiles and much laughter into our lives with your cheeky personality and we will very much miss you. For as happens with us all, you passed away on the 6th May, and in so doing left a whole in my heart and many others as well. What a legend you will become dear Blue, how many more laughs and tears will be shared in the memories of you. You touched our lives for the better and we thank you for being our friend.

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