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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Great Places To Visit To Eat in Melbourne. - Jahdomes - Mill Park

There's a lovely little French Cafe called Jahdomes off Childs Rd, Mill Park ( I think the shopping centre is called "The Stables"). if you happen to live within visiting range. Have eaten there a couple of times now with friends and found the food very good. They have a good range of breakfasts, lunches, tapas and desserts.  Good coffee to. They are closed on Tuesdays, but open otherwise as far as I know.
I enjoyed the Mediterranean Scrambled Egg with Turkish Bread (feta, chorizo, tomato ) and coffee for lunch today. Very good. My friend had a scrambled egg with smoked salmon and a side salad instead of Turkish Bread, which they were happy to do, and she enjoyed that as well, and washed it down with a Chi Latte with spice. Breakfasts can be ordered up to 3.00pm so if your like us and like your eggs, you can have them for lunch!

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