Monday, July 30, 2012

Winter on The Murray River

July is cold. You can get some real "crunchy" frosts along the Murray, and some magnificent clear, blue sky days.  And, sometimes it's cold, and raining. But the Mighty Murray keeps on flowing and at the moment she is popping through the low spots in her banks and filling up the back lagoons. Looks great to see her swelling high and wide, but not threatening to be a major the moment anyway. Went for a walk (where possible still) along her banks and took some pic and video. Just recently purchased an iphone, and did it all with that. What a great toy! My Nikon is feeling a little neglected of late.
I really enjoy the abundance of wild life and the majestic Murray River Redgums. They are enjoying a good drink at the moment, which they need to survive.

Check out my small iphone video on the great Australian Bush on The Murray River. It's wonderful to hear the wild life and see the river flowing freely. Hope you enjoy it to.

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