Friday, November 23, 2012

A Black Miniature Poodle named Lily.

Introducing the latest edition to our family: Lily. She stole my heart at first glance and then promptly stood up against my legs and gave me the big "pick me up" eyes. I was a gonner from the start! I sat down and she curdled up in my lap, gave a big contented sign and went to sleep! I HAD to take her home. She choose me! That's how I believe it should be. So I coughed up my money, picked up her vet paperwork and after a cup of tea with her breeder and a chat with Lily's mum and aunty, I happily took home my new "baby".
We've had her just 2 days and she is amazing. So smart. She is house-trained, although that was already started. Has learned to use a doggy door after being shown only twice! Has learned to play fetch, and returns the object you have thrown into you lap if you sit on the floor.
I have taken her for a couple of rides in the car (with her special seat belt of course) and she had met my husband's mother and been an absolute angel. Nearly didn't get to bring her home, Ma loved her! She's so friendly towards everyone so far, just a little nervous at first (naturally being so young) but looks to me for reassurance, and then jumps in......sometimes whatever I ask of her. Will definitely have to take her to "classes" so I can learn to keep one step ahead of her!
She's adorable.

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