Tuesday, November 27, 2012

"Lily" the Miniature Poodle.

Lily is settling into our family beautifully. It would seem she was meant to be with us. We constantly laugh at her funny antics, and enjoy her happy, gorgeous nature. She is quick to learn, and eager to please, cheeky, and a boundary checker, loves a game, and a cuddle. Not so keen on being groomed, but learning. Also learning to walk on a leash. Enjoys her new toys and tears around the house or the yard with one or the other of them in her mouth. She also chooses her own toys, a piece of rope in the yard to race around with, and inside wanted my slippers! She was most disappointed to discover that I was not thrilled with that idea and took them off her! She sleeps on her bed in the laundry and only complains with mumbles and grumbles when put to bed, and then is quiet all night, until the first person gets up in the morning. That, unfortunately for me is my husband who rises at 5.00am to get ready for his work. Once Lily hears him she "mumbles" and "moans" until I get up soon after and take her out for her morning toilet, and then (because she's a good girl, and a spoilt one) she comes inside and gets to curl up on top of our bed with me until 7.00am, a much more reasonable time to get up, I think.She eats her dog biscuits, when nothing better is being offered, but will happily eat any people food offered to her. All in all, she is a delight, and a much cherished addition to our family.

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