Monday, May 27, 2013

Hot Rods-Custom Built/Restoration Vehicle- 1930's Ford

I had the pleasure of doing an unusual photo shoot (for me anyway) on the weekend. I was asked to photograph the underneath of a car. Yes, that's right "underneath" the car.

I was thinking about dripping oil, greasy, dirty messy, etc, but was told it was clean as it was being "done up" for a show later in the year and the owner needed me to take some pics of the work done before they "put the covers on". Don't ask me what all this means all I know is that it's cleaner and shiner under this car than most cars are on the top!!! He needs the pics to show the "show mob" what is "hidden" beneath the bright red panels that he is going to put on! WOW!! I could get hooked. This car is beautiful!!! And it's not even finished yet!

Anyway I got a big surprise when I crawled underneath with a light to take a look. VERY IMPRESSIVE I thought. The duco under the car is so highly polished that my reflection can be seen in one of the shots! How's that for a great finish! I don't understand why they want to cover it all up....but it's not my car....I couldn't afford it for a start...and then there is the ongoings.........expensive hobby, but apparently very popular. Certainly looks impressive.

I'm looking forward to the next photo shoot when the underneath is complete!
Here are the pics for all you car enthusiasts out there....don't bother asking me any questions....I have enough trouble finding where the petrol goes!

All I know is that it is an American built 1930's Ford. I'm hoping to be allowed to take full shots of the car on the next photo shoot. So you will have to wait until then to see the rest of the car. Oh and don't make the mistake that I did and ask "Are these bits chrome". Almost caused the owner to stutter at that....I was politely told "NO, chrome flakes"," this is all polished stainless steel". WOW. Duco and stainless steel...again  WOW. I suspect these kind of enthusiasts are  perfectionists at what they do. Looking forward to seeing more. I'll take a notepad and pen and try to ask some intelligent questions for you to read about.

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