Monday, June 24, 2013

Melbourne on a Winter's morning.

Sunday morning at 9.00am in Bundoora Park ready for Dog Obedience it was cold. Glad to have my coat, scarf and beanie on. Felt sorry for Lily, although she has grown her own beautiful thick winter coat. Being a miniature poodle her coat constantly grows, so I haven't clipped her except for her feet and face for a while so she is nice and warm.  Still asking her to "sit" on frosty grass seemed a bit mean, but she was a good girl and obliged.

Jack Frost had been busy painting everything white, even the railings, and any puddles in the park were iced over. Very cold start, but the sun was shining, and as the morning went on we all warmed up and enjoyed it.
Frosty rails and grass

Sunshine and frost.

Lily sitting on the frost!

Icy puddles in the park.

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