Thursday, June 27, 2013

One Month old twin boys Miles & Owen.

Twins!!!!!! What more can I say? Double cuteness. Double soft skin. Double tiny feet and hands. Double.......trouble perhaps? NO! They were adorable, and very funny. Miles the larger of the two was not particularly impressed with the idea of being disturbed mid sleep to be stripped off down to his nappy (in the nicely heated room), and placed in a basket filled with rugs and have his mum and another lady try to position him so he looked cherub like. No way was he going to put up with this nonsense, and let us know! Owen on the other hand, didn't really care too much, once left alone, he settled down to continue his nap.

Then Owen got hungry. No longer interested in being a cherub, he wanted his! So mum, (not once was she flustered) picked him up and fed him. Another chance for me to take some pics whilst he was distracted.

Then Miles wanted his turn. Mum (still keeping her cool) told Miles he would have to wait until his brother finished. Then dressed and wrapped up Owen, put him down, and then picked up Miles (switched sides) and fed him! So cool and calm and patient and this was her first pregnancy. Those boys are not going to fluster this lady. She is a fantastic mum, so loving and gentle, but firm with them. They seem to understand her, and usually respond well. Anyway, I for one had a wonderful time, was reluctant to go home, but then was busting to see what was within the camera.

Very pleased with the results, thank you Miles (first born) and Owen (second born). Big THANK YOU to mum for the booking and her incredible patience and help with ideas. We both enjoyed the afternoon and I even got to have a few cuddles. (sigh). Practicing Grandma, for the future. Looking forward to future photo shoots as the boys grow.


Hungry Owen!

Half full Owen.

Contented Owen.

Owen's Feet

Owen & mum.

Topping up with the bottle.

Dream?.. No?.....Perhaps scream then. 

Aahhh, Dream wins!



Miles & Bunny

Not happy about all this fuss!

Feet (Miles)

Oh so relaxed now my tummies full.


A Mother's loving touch.

"Shhhhh, it's ok Bro, I've got'cha."

"But mum, he started it!"

Mum's soothing touch quietens Miles.

Can you guess who's feet these are?

"Well Bro, it was like I was saying....."

One foot, Two feet, three feet, four feet.

"Mum, I didn't pinch him!",......honest!"

"Yer, blah, blah, blah...I've heard it all before".

"And true was this tall".

"Now let me think....where was that?"...

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