Friday, August 9, 2013

Light The Night in Benalla - Fundraiser for a cure from blood cancers.

This year I have gotton off my bottom and decided to support my niece who has leukaemia by fundraising with her to support her "Light the Night" lantern walk in Benalla. I'm not going to ask you for hundreds of dollars, no just the amount that's on your heart and won't take food off your table.
My niece Kate is a young mum with a beautiful family and is fighting this terrible cancer, and I have also lost a cousin last year to a blood cancer. Just recently my father has been diagnosed with cancer, and it seems I'm not alone in having numerous family members affected by this terrible disease.
Cancer affects many, many families, so I'm going to ask you to consider giving a donation to my fundraiser as every cent counts towards funding research to find a cure.
Please give with you heart.

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