Thursday, May 22, 2014

Simple, Delicious, Healthy (Mostly) Food.

Lunch time and the worms were biting! What to eat that's satisfying but not too fattening? Mmmmmmmmmmmm
Got it! "Smash". One of my favorites!

You'll need:   1  x  large egg, 1 bread roll of your choice, 1/2 Avocado, 1/2 lemon, approx 6 leaves fresh mint, small piece of low fat feta, salt & pepper.  Extra: either 1 chorizo sausage cut in half, or some bacon.

If your having the extra: put your bacon or sausage under the grill to cook out as much fat as possible, and if it's bacon I like it crispy.

Heat water in a saucepan with salt & vinegar for your egg to poach in.
Slice your roll in half and lightly toast it.
While your water is heating up for your egg, "smash" your Avocado in a bowl, chop your mint and add, then crumble your feta and mix it in.
Put your toasted (not buttered) bun on your plate and sit it in a warm oven to keep it warm.
Keep an eye on your meat and keep turning it. When done place on paper towel to absorb as much fat out as possible. Put in oven to keep warm.

Break your egg into your boiling water and cook to your desired liking. I like mine runny yolk, set white.
When the egg is nearly done, take out your plate and toast, put your "smash" mix on top, divided between the 2 pieces, then add your crispy bacon to one piece and your poached egg to the other.
Squeeze lemon juice over the lot, yes on the egg, sprinkle with salt & pepper to your liking, I like to then break the egg so the yolk runs over my toast.

Sit down and tuck in!! It's delicious, healthy (mostly) and easy.

Wash it all down with a pot of tea or coffee if you prefer.

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