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Monday, September 1, 2014

Great Places To Visit - Canberra - War Memorial - ACT - Australia

Recently spent a couple of days in Canberra playing tourist.  The place that impressed me the most was the War Memorial. For starters it's the only place in Australia I reckon that doesn't charge you to go in, but does have donation boxes for you to place something in if you wish.  They also have free guided tours, which I highly recommend.  These are run by volunteers who happily escort you through the main areas and attractions with detailed information and history on what you are currently looking at.  Found their knowledge extensive and very interesting.  The little cafe within the memorial is also a great idea, as we spent 3 hours (including our tour) wandering about looking at everything and were definitely in need of a coffee!

The flight up from Melbourne was lovely and couldn't resist a couple of snaps with the phone out the window.  In fact I used the iphone for all my photos, it's so much easier to carry than the DSLR!

Highly recommend a visit to our Nations Captial. Don't forget the rest of the attractions whilst you are there also. I didn't take any pictures of Parliament House etc, but the old and new are both worth a visit. Left something for you to check out yourself.

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