Monday, September 8, 2014

Great Places To Visit- Great Ocean Road-Torquay-Victoria-Australia.

We picked up some friends on beautiful sunny Saturday morning and decided to go for a drive from Melbourne to Torquay for lunch.  Why not? The weather was stunning and the day was all ours.  So off to Torquay we went. Such a lovely drive. Enjoyed watching some young ones on the foreshore at Torquay skate boarding and another chap learning how to handle his wind surfing parachute.  There was a cool breeze near the water which gave him some challenges.

We found a lovely little cafe nearby, had some lunch and then a short stroll along the foreshore.  An empty park bench in the sun caught our eye and we sat and chatted there for awhile whilst watching the chap struggling with his parachute lines.  He wasn't one to quit.  He kept at it until he got what he wanted, a gentle float on the breeze down to the beach. Then he would carefully pick it all up and trudge back up the short hill and do it all again!

We wandered off and found a nice little spot for a coffee. After that we decided to drive home via Barwon Heads, just because we could.

Lovely little coastal towns, beautiful weather, great company = Great day out!

The Great Ocean Road is so much more than this though.  Torquay is just the beginning of it, but as we only had one day and we didn't want to be driving all day, we decided that Torquay was far enough for us. Such a pretty spot, and plenty of good places to eat and drink coffee.  Might have to do it again!.

It would appear that it can get very windy here!

Enjoying the sunshine and view.

Great Coffee and food!

Torquay Beach

Determination is he name!

Nearly got it.


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