Thursday, October 30, 2014

Great Reading: "A Pony Called Handy" by Cindy Schulz. A Childrens Short Story for horse loving kids!

Currently at my publishers is my very FIRST book titled A PONY CALLED HANDY.  It will be on Amazon shortly and available as an ebook, and softcover or hardcover.

This book which is the first in a series about Handy is designed for young people (or the young at heart) who love horses and stories about horses.

Here's a brief overview.


On her eighth birthday Anna gets the surprise of her life.  All her dreams come true as a pony steps from the horse float into her yard.  She instantly  falls in love with him and can't wait for school the next day to tell her friends.  She and her friends have been riding borrowed ponies for some time and all dream of one day owning their very own ponies.  Now Anna's dreams have come true.

Will her friends be so lucky? Will they be jealous of Anna?  What will they say when she tells them of her wonderful birthday news?  Will they like the little pony that Anna has named Handy?

Anna's mother is not so sure that buying a young pony is the right choice. She would have preferred if they had purchased an older, more stable pony for her first one. But Gary, her dad felt that a young pony would be perfect, as Anna and the pony could learn and grow together.

But, Anna has a serious accident with Handy, and her distraught mother is determined that he will be sold! Anna is determined to keep Handy.  Will she be able to change her mother's mind?  What will happen to the little pony?


Well that's the brief overview of the book. Below is the cover design I have chosen.  The sketch was done by my good friend Paul Tobias, who's sketches will feature throughout the book.  Also this is Book One of a series, so there's more horse stories to come for all the young (or young at heart) horse lovers out there.

So keep your eyes on this page, it won't be long now until "A Pony Called Handy", is available through Amazon.

Gary Dickinson (my publisher) is working like crazy on it as we speak!

As soon as it is published, I'll put another post up.

Stay tuned!

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