Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Great Places To Visit: The Giddy Goat Cafe in Yarck, Victoria, Australia.

The Giddy Goat Cafe - Yarck 

As I was recently returning to Melbourne from a few days away, I decided to come from Benalla via Bonnie Doon (to check out the lake) and then through Merton, Yarck, Alexandra onto the Maroondah Hwy back to Melbourne. Nice drive, beautiful weather, great day out. 

When we got to cute little Yarck, we spotted this amazing looking little cottage/cafe called: "The Giddy Goat Cafe". Intrigued by the name and the rustic looking little cottage with gardens on one side and tables & chairs we voted for a coffee stop.

What a fantastic idea that turned out to be!!! The Giddy Goat has the best home cooked food, I'm talking sponge cake, slices, biscuits, oh and if you want there is hot food to die for as well, freshly cooked.  The coffee was lovely, and hot, and the slices of cake (naturally we had to try the passionfruit sponge) were large. We should have shared one between us, but, well, that didn't happen! There were 3 of us and we each ordered a different sweet thing, to have with our coffee and shared (fought over) them.  So delicious!   Highly recommend a stop over, slash intentional day trip to Yarck to have a snack or lunch, they do cook egg and bacon sandwiches, have pies, sausage rolls, sandwiches, heaps of choices they will cook for you as well as a frig full of delicious home made cakes and slices. Phew!

Cute and quirky, this little cafe has outside seating in their lovely garden, with lots of greenery around you for shade on a hot day.  There is also seating out the front if you like to sit and watch the world go by, or if the weather is not to your liking, its comfortable and interesting inside.

On their walls they have metallic artworks done by a local artist. Simply beautiful work which I fell in love with. Luckily the car was so full I couldn't fit another thing in it, so couldn't buy any, on that trip anyway. I intend to return for lunch another day.

In the photos below you will see the gorgeous interior with the artworks on the wall, and I have photographed the poster with the artist web, contact details as well, so if like me, you like this stuff, you can check them out more closely.

Again a beautiful drive through this area, should do it more often and try some of the other little towns delights, like maybe the bakery in Alexandra for instance. Saw that as we were sticky beaking through Alex, and made a mental note to visit Alex on another trip.  Then there's Yarra Glen or Marysville just to name a few off the top of my head.

Victoria has so many little hidden gems within easy reach of Melbourne in any direction, we really should spend a little time and check them out and enjoy our beautiful state.

Love this, it's on the wall in the cafe.

Front view of The Giddy Goat Cafe in Yarck.

Cut metal signs for sale displayed in The Giddy Goat.

More displays for sale.
The artist responsible for the lovely metal wall displays.
Mum and dad knocking off the treats while I take a pic.

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