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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Re-cycle idea - wool winding - craft tip

What to do when you need to roll some brand new silk/mohair wool into a ball before knitting it.  Your home alone and need another pair of hands as well, or so I thought.  Didn't have another set of hands,  I looked, nope, just one pair.Mmmmm to begin with I don't need them if I'm careful, but towards the end when the wool really wants to tangle, I need something to keep in apart. But, first I want something to roll it onto so it is a neat ball that won't tangle as I knit it.  Got it! Needed: 1 x empty toilet roll and 1 x vacant kitchen chair.  Perhaps you can think of other ways to do this. This is my first effort.  I reckon you could use those old timber "bobbins" that I saw at the craft show instead of a toilet roll as well, but I don't have one of those.  Here is the result.  Mission Accomplished!

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