Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Vegan Recipe - Quick, Simple, Tasty: One Pan Chilli Beans with Corn. Heart Healthy, Low fat, Dieabetic Friendly

One Pan Chili Beans.  I just love them. Who knew? I didn't until recently. Now they are a staple part of my eating program. Thanks to my Nutritionist Kathy Ashton who has taught me how to eat as much as I want and be healthy. Wish I had know this years ago, but guess I wasn't open to looking then. Now I like learning about how to use food as my medicine instead of relying on medications from the doctor.

Mind you, I go to him for check ups and he is encouraging me to continue with my learning as the results are in the blood tests! No longer do I have any problems with Type 2 Diabetes,  my blood pressure is coming down (may be able to come off my current medication down the track). My cholesterol is good, it was heading the wrong way, and my liver is happy again. I've lost 12 Kilos in 12 months.  I haven't been focused on my weight, just what I put in my mouth. I like that I don't have to eat tiny little meals, I really like food, so a big bowl of chili, guilt free, suits me!

Anyway enough rambling, here is my current creation. Great for when you are hungry and want something filling, tasty and quick.   Enjoy! I love this recipe.

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