Monday, May 16, 2016

Great Places To Visit - Rose St Pantry-48 Rose St, Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia.- Organic Produce, Organic Store, Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic Meat.

So, on Saturday, this is what we got up to.  Friends of ours opened this gorgeous, delicious, tasty, organic, vegan, vegetarian, organic meat, milk, in Fitzroy, Melbourne.  They were having a Mexican theme tasting from 12 till 30pm.  Naturally, we had to go and sample the corn tortilla's, cheeses, salsa's etc to be sure they were safe to hand out!  We sampled EVERYTHING that was available and came to the conclusion that we had to shop!  Of course!  Hubby dutifully got out his wallet and I of course shopped!  So yummy.  Had to buy some of the corn tortilla's, they were amazing. get the drift.  it's great produce, both fresh and packaged, tinned, pre-cooked soups, lasagnes, etc, etc, etc.

Do yourself a BIG favour, and call in sometime.  Have a little taste or two of what's on offer that day and don't forget to take some home for your pantry or frig, or both!  Great healthy food, friendly staff, nice atmosphere and a lovely way to spend some time.  I for one am going back!  Here are some pics to browse through.

Rose St, Rose lights.
Some of the produce
Organic herbs
The beautiful timber & glass counter.
A couple of "Mexicans" handing out samples.
Had to be there to sample it!
More delicious produce
Getting ready for customers
What's in the frig?
While the women are shopping the men are......talking...of course.
Some of the goodies I purchased.
Where to find it and what time it's open.

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