Saturday, October 8, 2016

Great Places to Visit - Tocumwal NSW, Australia. Murray River Flood. September/October 2016

Accessing the safety of the bridge at 7.3m.

The mighty Murray River is in major flood for the first time since about 1974.  Yes, I know it was in flood in the 1990's, but it didn't get this high.  I actually think the '74 floods were higher as we have old Super 8 movie film of it and it was lapping onto the bridge. It currently is lapping at the bridge, but not onto it. Slight difference you say.  Perhaps so. Anyway what's a couple of centimetres?

It's a whopping lot of water running beneath the old rail bridge!!! The bridge itself is about 157 years old! It has seen a number of floods and is still standing. They sure built things to last!  Incredible to watch the speed that the river is flowing at beneath the bridge.  Makes you feel small and powerless.  Nature has amazing power!

The town of Tocumwal is safe with levee banks of about 8metres now. Still makes you nervous though watching how high the water has risen up the levee and seeing the amazing power of it.

The Murray River Red Gums actually need this kind of flood every now and then to survive. These trees rarely drown but if the earth around them is sodden for a long time and we get high winds (and we did) some will blow over. These trees are amazingly resilient though, even after they have blown over, if left to their own devises they will continue to send out new shoots and grown upwards again from their fallen position, creating new growth from the old.

Just starting to flood. Creeping into the back water.

Creeping, creeping....

The new road bridge. No fear of it going under or the town will be flooded first.

Starting to creep onto the river walk beside the levee bank.

This is all underwater now! This was at 6.5m now it's at 7.3!!

Looking back to the main street in Tocumwal.

This was at minor flood level of 6.5m

Peeping through the old bridge, back to the new bridge as a truck crosses.

As the river was reaching the top of it's bank. This is all underwater now.

On the rise. At flood level 6.8m

6.8m and still rising fast.

Now into major flood territory! 7.15m. It's final peak is expected to be 7.3m

Just before this worker's platform went under at 7m.

Lapping at the base of the rail bridge!!!! 7.2m

Where is was creeping in before, now it's flooded.

No longer creeping, but flooded.

Filled up now. Climbing up the levee bank.

The town levee bank is about 8m high, flood is 7.3m

Murray River Red Gums getting a well earned drink.

Climbing up the levee bank.

The white box is a refrigerator caught by the flood water against the bridge.

Looking towards the new bridge and town centre.

Discussing the situation.


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