Friday, November 4, 2016

Great Tasty, healthy, heart friendly, vegan friendly, diabeties friendly, recipe. Polenta with Beans and Mango Salsa

Polenta topped with Beans. Mango salsa on the side. Garnished with coriander (celantro).

Here is a delicious, healthy, dish . It's easy to make, but takes a little time as there are 3 components to it. Worth the effort as any leftovers can be turned into an assortment of other dishes. This amount serves about 4-6 depending on how hungry you are! I make it for myself and eat it in an assortment of ways for the next couple of days, so it makes easy cooking for me after the initial recipe.

Firstly make your polenta, then your salsa as these need time.  Then lastly cook your bean mix. As the bean mix is cooking, take your polenta out of the refrigerator, slice it and place onto baking paper lined slice tray and lightly brown in the oven; about 15mins at 180C. Place on serving plate, top with bean mix and garnish with coriander. Put a generous dollop of mango salsa on the side.

The beans and salsa are delicious in a wrap of any kind, i.e. tortilla's, with chopped fresh tomatoes and lettuce.
Also good in jacket potatoes.
Sure you will think of other uses for this recipe, it's very versatile.

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