Monday, September 11, 2017

Great Places To Visit - Peterborough S.A. - Steam Train Enthusiasts

This blog is for all you train enthusiasts out there. I'm thinking of joining you.

Peterborough in South Australia is a fantastic place for train lovers. They have small replicas at either entrances to town as well as a big train museum. Trains still run through the town also. Yes, here in Peterborough they are a steam train and diesel train loving bunch.    I thoroughly enjoyed the Steam Train Museum. They even got a "head of steam" up on the loco on display. Fake steam of course, but it looked good.

So if your planning on going to South Australia for a holiday, put Peterborough on your list, especially if you have train loving children, or a husband who is keen. 

The local caravan park is comfortable and clean if you have a van or some such item. If not, they do have cabins as well.

There is also a variety of other accommodation available depending on your budget.  The main street is very interesting if you like old architecture as I do. The historic old pubs (I counted 3 but there could be more) also offer meals. We ate at the Peterborough Hotel (the one with the motorbike on the roof). The caravan park people own this pub and lease out the dining area. The meals were nice, and budget priced. You can also get take a way food there.

Nice old historic town, we stayed with our caravan for 2 nights and enjoyed it.

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